Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today we read Hebrews 3 in the Spoken Word Bible Reading Plan. I really like the Message Bible for verses 1-6:

3 So, my dear Christian friends, companions in following this call to the heights, take a good hard look at Jesus. He's the centerpiece of everything we believe, 2 faithful in everything God gave him to do. Moses was also faithful, 3 but Jesus gets far more honor. A builder is more valuable than a building any day. 4 Every house has a builder, but the Builder behind them all is God. 5 Moses did a good job in God's house, but it was all servant work, getting things ready for what was to come. 6 Christ as Son is in charge of the house.  THE MESSAGE

I like "take a good hard look"! The KJV says "consider". This is the Greek word "katanoeo". This means: to observe fully; to perceive, remark, observe, understand (Strong's); to consider attentively, fix one's eyes or mind upon (Thayer's); to perceive clearly, to understand fully (Vine's); to direct one's whole mind to an object, to immerse oneself in so as to apprehend it in its whole compass (Theological Dictionary). This "taking a good hard look" at Jesus involves time, energy and diligence! But oh how wonderful the results of actually getting to KNOW Him! Amen! The result can only be much more praise and worship! Here to help you with that is "Praise Him" from Hillsong's new Cornerstone album!

Shalom in Him!