Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Asaph makes an entirely true statement in Psalm 73:1:

1TRULY GOD is [only] good to Israel, even to those who are upright and pure in heart.

"Good" here is the Hebrew word "towb". This means: good in every sense of the word! This includes: excellent, rich, valuable, appropriate, happy, prosperous. God is ONLY good to Israel AND the Church! Why, then, do bad things sometimes happen to God's people? Asaph was asking himself the same question! He noticed that it LOOKED as though the wicked were being blessed far more, and more often, than the Godly! He began to THINK that way, but caught himself before he "took" that thought! Matthew 6:31 tells us that we "take" a thought by speaking it out of our mouth! Notice what Asaph had to say about THAT! Verse 15:

 15Had I spoken thus [and given expression to my feelings], I would have been untrue and have dealt treacherously against the generation of Your children.

He rejected that thought and then he said this in verses16-17:

16But when I considered how to understand this, it was too great an effort for me and too painful 17Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then I understood [for I considered] their end.

Asaph realized that he should NOT be moved by the way that things "seemed"! He knew that the apparent success and prosperity of the wicked was very short-lived! Eventually, if they stay wicked, all that they have they will lose and it will come into the hands of God's people! Proverbs 13:22:

22 A good man leaves an inheritance [of moral stability and goodness] to his children's children, and the wealth of the sinner [finds its way eventually] into the hands of the righteous, for whom it was laid up. AMP

In the meantime, THIS is what Jesus is doing on our behalf! Hebrews 7:24-26:

 24But He holds His priesthood unchangeably, because He lives on forever. 25Therefore He is able also to save to the uttermost (completely, perfectly, finally, and for all time and eternity) those who come to God through Him, since He is always living to make petition to God and intercede with Him and intervene for them. 26[Here is] the High Priest [perfectly adapted] to our needs, as was fitting--holy, blameless, unstained by sin, separated from sinners, and exalted higher than the heavens.

Jesus is interceding for us and leading, guiding and directing us, day by day, by His Spirit in us! He leads us in ways of righteousness and prosperity in every area of our lives! Amen! FOLLOW Him! Here is Hillsong Live with "Follow The Son":

Shalom in Him!