Saturday, September 9, 2017


Today I want to share Day 288 from Jonathan Cahn's "The Book of Mysteries"


"Which is more valuable," asked the teacher, "that which is common o0r that which is rare?"

"That which is rare," I replied.

"And which is more valuable: that which is rare or that which is extremely dare?"

"That which is extremely rare," I said.

"How valuable is this life?" he asked. "How valuable is your time on earth?"

"I don't know."

"Is it rare or is it common?" he asked.

"I would say it's common as it's what everybody has. And it's made up of countless moments, every day, every ear."

"So then it wouldn't be especially valuable," he said. "Now let's say your time on earth is one hundred years. But time goes on for one thousand years. Your time on earth becomes rare, one-tenth of time. And what happens after a million years have gone by? How long was your time on earth?"

"One ten-thousandth."

"One then-thousandth of time, one in ten thousand ... very rare. Now what happens when we consider eternity? What happens to your time on earth in light of eternity?"

"It becomes once in eternity."

"So your life on earth becomes one-eternitieth," he said. "How rare is that?"

"Very," I answered.

"Infinitely rare," he said. "So how valuable is your time on earth?"

"Of infinite value."

"That's correct. Your days on earth come around only once in an eternity ... only once. Every moment you have, comes around only once in an eternity ... and never again. Every moment is a once-in-eternity moment, a one-eternitieth moment. Therefore, every moment is of infinite value ... infinitely priceless. then how must you live?"

"Appreciating every moment."

"Therefore make the most of every moment. For it will never come again. Whatever good you would do, do it now. Treat every moment as if it was infinitely rare and of infinite value ... because it is. For every moment, and your life itself, comes around only once in an eternity."

The Mission: Whatever good you would do, do it now. Treat this day as if it comes around only once in an eternity - because it does.

(Psalm 90:10-12; Romans 13:11-14:2, 2 Corinthians 6:1-2; Ephesians 5:16)

Your time is valuable because YOU are valuable! YOU mean everything to HIM! He gave Himself freely for you! Let's treat the time that we have left here on earth doing those vital things that affect the eternal future of those in our realm of influence! AMEN! Here is Hillsong UNITED with "Your Word":

 Shalom in Him!