Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Psalm 66:1-2:
Make a joyful noise unto God, all the earth; Sing forth the honor and glory of His name; make His praise glorious!

What a way to begin a study of the Word of God! The very BEST way! If you will begin every study time in this way (praising HIM), you will learn more, in a shorter time, than you ever have before! AMEN! This is part of our
Bible Reading Plan for today! I LOVE it! We also read Mark 16 today. Jesus left us with this command in verses 15-16:
15 And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature [of the whole human race]. 16 He who believes [who adheres to and trusts in and relies on the Gospel and Him Whom it sets forth] and is baptized will be saved [from the penalty of eternal death]; but he who does not believe [who does not adhere to and trust in and rely on the Gospel and Him Whom it sets forth] will be condemned.

Preaching the Good News of the Gospel of JESUS, the Christ, is the #1 reason that born again believers remain on the earth instead of immediately taking up our home, which is in Heaven! WE are here for the LOST! Why? Because our Father desires that NONE should perish! Some will, but NOT by HIS choice! We are given the priceless privilege and the awesome responsibility to be HIS representative here. We make His praise glorious (Psalm 66:2 - above) and we tell of HIS wondrous works (Psalm 105:1) so that people without Him will be drawn TO Him! AMEN! He also promises us this in verses 17-18:
17 And these attesting signs will accompany those who believe: in My name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new languages; 18 They will pick up serpents; and [even] if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will get well.

Speaking in tongues is a vital tool for our direct communication, spirit to Spirit, with HIM. He is able to then lead, guide and direct us clearly by Holy Spirit within us as we walk out this life and our individual calling. And then, the most exciting promise of all is found in verse 20

20 And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord kept working with them and confirming the message by the attesting signs and miracles that closely accompanied [it]. Amen (so be it).

HE will do that very same thing for US when we SPEAK HIS WORD! Let's get busy with this wonderful, eternity changing 'job' that we have! What glorious work! HALLELUJAH! Here is Hillsong with one of my favorite older songs, "Tell The World":

Shalom in Him!